COACHING LAB for corporate Change-Makers!

Become a Coach & Facilitator 4 Innovation & Transformation, and help new ideas take flight.


Are you a change maker? Are you passionate about creating impact?

Then, Intrapreneurial Coaching Lab is for you! Intrapreneurial Coaching Lab is a hands-on, 3 semester program to become a facilitator and foster innovative ideas! The course is mainly held in German.

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Develop your coaching skills

create space for something new by asking the right questions at the right time. Listen and communicate with mind and heart

Guide teams on their journey

work with entrepreneurial teams in our UnternehmerTUM ecosystem, and apply your skills directly – test, learn, and refine in a safe environment

Navigate in a world of rapid change

explore a new mindset of co-creation, with tools like agile work, and rapid prototyping. Try, fail, succeed, and then take the results of your experiences to your workplace

Agile development, rapid prototyping, and new work are great methods and mindsets, and you can try them out safely in the UnternehmerTUM ecosystem. Guide teams and individuals through their entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial journey, and practice new ways of co-creation. With concrete experiences and results in your toolbox, we support you in applying this data to your workplace. Coach and be coached. Give it a try! We are here for you to make a difference.

Dates & Registration


New dates for the 1. Semester!

.Block 1: April 8-10, 2021

.Block 2: April 29 – May 1, 2021

.Block 3: June 18-19, 2021

.Do you want to grow in innovative business & personality?

.Why do we offer a surround further education in coaching & leading?

.Are you and your company facing multiple challenges that require a new form of collaboration?

.What new skills and methods are we using to meet these challenges and engage people in new ways?

Interested? Send your request to Ms. Stefanie Guttleber

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1. Semester


.8 days training on site

.4 coachings by professional coaches

.2 ongoing team coachings

.7 one-on-one coachings (5 peers, 2 intern/extern)

2. Semester


.9 days training on site

.5 coachings by professional coaches

.2 team coachings (1x UnternehmerTUM, 1x intern)

.10 one-on-one coachings (4 peers, 6 intern/extern)

3. Semester


.8 days training on site

.5 coachings by professional coaches

.2 ongoing team coachings

.8 one-on-one coachings (2 peers, 6 intern/extern)

.1 train the coach (concept for internal application)

Our Prices

Special for our First Batch!


1. Semester

2. Semester

3. Semester



Corporate Employee


5.200 €

6.400 €

11.000 €

instead of 15.400


Corporate Employee

1. Semester


2. Semester

5.200 €

3. Semester

6.400 €

Special: All-in-one

11.000 € instead of 15.400

Discount for professionals (self-payers) up to 30 %

Student discount possible under certain circumstances

For detailed information send your request to Ms. Stefanie Guttleber or register here

Facts and Figures 


Amazing participants

experiment in a small group of maximum 14 participants from various backgrounds


techTALENTS coaches

our coach community is a great network of change makers, and growing rapidly since 2018


Entrepreneurial teams

within the UnternehmerTUM ecosystem we support, and connect 500+ teams per year


Passionate talents

each year we empower makers, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs to go out and just do it

Questions? Answers!

In which intervals do you offer Entrepreneurial Coaching Lab?

We currently start twice per year, usually in April and October.

Can I take part with my whole team or department?

Of course! You’re welcome as an individual as well as a whole team. Please, contact us to find out what best suits your needs.

Can the program be tailored according to my needs?

If you wish for customized content, and take part with at least 12 participants, we’re happy to develop the schedule together with you.

Christian Schutz - Head of techTALENTS

Chris is Head of Education Community, techTALENTS at UnternehmerTUM. He is responsible for the entrepreneurial & innovation-oriented courses for students. Focal fields are design thinking, technology innovation, personal development and business modeling. Likewise, Chris and his team develop new educational formats for corporates & professionals in the field of innovation & entrepreneurship as well as coaching & leadership.

Chris studied in Germany, France, Spain, USA & Guatemala earning two interdisciplinary Masters. He learned strategy consultancy in St. Gallen and worked many years as consultant as well as an intrapreneur for and in multinationals.


Head of techTALENTS