Business Plan Seminar +

we enable you to take the first step as a founder

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The BP+ program is for innovators who have a new business idea in mind and people who want to learn the process of turning an idea into a business. You are in an early phase and have a business idea that is scalable to some degree? Then, give yourself the chance to really unlock YOUR potential.

Be agile

develop your business idea in agile, iterative cycles with a lot of real-life feedback

Get support

have your personal coach right beside you and get support from experienced lecturers

Join us

become a part of the UnternehmerTUM ecosystem, Europe’s biggest entrepreneurial network

Most Important Aspects


7-10 hours teamwork per week in your interdisciplinary team of 3-4 persons


6 months free access to MakerSpace,

and 1 free machine training


1500 € if joining another team,

2500 € with your own idea


this program is held completely online, learn more about important course dates here

„Thanks to the program we brought our project to a point we couldn’t imagine at the beginning of the course! The personal sparring with our coach was tremendously helpful.“


Challenge yourself

Grow personally by overcoming a problem that is not solved today


// Ideation & Exploration: generate ideas and new approaches to solve real world problems

// Rapid Prototyping: mock ups and prototypes generate a real feeling for the solution

// Pitch: no win without marketing the solution – pitch and present yourself 


// Team-Coaching: become more efficient & reliable by really understanding each other

// Personal Coaching: grow in your personality & develop ideas of how to transfer learnings to continue

// Trainings: short sessions with experts allow learnings of new methods & fields


// Networking: get to know inspiring people in Europe’s biggest entrepreneurial ecosystem

// MakerSpace: free access to an astounding workshop and courses to build prototypes


Going through the three months program substantially raises your chances for follow-up grants and programs.

Make sure to join Slack because all program communication and exchange with your coach happens there.

Join us here.


Take on the challenge with our partners like Huawei in Tech Challenge

Success of Startup Bürze

„We faced different challenges compared to other groups because we had already developed our product based on the innovation competition without thinking about the potential market or the need. We, therefore, had to take a step back and consider whether our product made sense at all. In addition, we had little knowledge of business and markets, many terms were new to us. However, having seen it through to the end, the most important thing we learned is: “Just try it out”. We just kept going and learned a lot. In the end, the program proved a huge success for our team and product.“

Questions? Answers!

Do I already have to have an idea?

Not at all! You can join someone who has an idea, and form an interdisciplinary team of 3-4 students. We’ll help with that at the beginning of the course.

Can I do this course on my own?

Nope! You need to form an interdisciplinary team of 3-4 students. We’ll help with that at the beginning of the course.

Will I learn how to write a business plan?

Yes, of course! But keep in mind that the business plan is only the last step of a long journey, and that we focus way more on hands-on and real-life experiences than theory.

Christian Orth, Digital Marketing and Format Lead BPG

Hi, I’m Christian Orth, an entrepreneur and business coach. I founded three startups in the realm of martial arts and health, with my newest business being ‚MasterArts Training‘ the first German Online Tai Chi school. As a former manager at Deutscher Herold I have a strong background in marketing and coaching. At UnternehmerTUM I am the lecturer for the Business Plan Basic Seminar and take care of digital marketing. You’re very welcome to contact me anytime.


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