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UnternehmerTUM Academy for Innovators

At UnternehmerTUM Academy for Innovators, we equip you with the skills, tools, and mindset needed to transform your vision into action.

Business Plan Basic Seminar

experience yourself as an entrepreneur


Do you have an idea that you would like to turn into a business? Or would you like to explore becoming an entrepreneur one day? Then the Business Plan Basic Seminar is for you! Will you have to do this alone? Nope, you can choose a coach who will be with you every step of the way on this amazing, hands-on, real-life journey.

Be agile

develop your business idea in agile, iterative cycles with a lot of real-life feedback

Meet flexibly

this seminar is held completely online, so you’re very flexible with every team meeting

Get support

have your personal coach right beside you and get support from experienced lecturers

Most Important Aspects


7-10 hours teamwork per week in your interdisciplinary team of 3-4 students


6 months free access to MakerSpace,

and 1 free machine training


this course is held in English but coaching could be provided in German, too


learn more about team building, idea creation, and important course dates here

„I really like the great coaching and lecturing. Everyone is super cooperative and open. We learnt so much!“


Seminar Content & Registration

customer interviews


Your idea will solve a specific problem. Understand this problem as deeply as possible, and conduct problem focused interviews with your customers and users.



Prototype your solution with the needs of your customers and users in mind. Show them, don’t tell. Conduct solution focused interviews with your customers and users to develop your minimum viable product.

market and competition


Understand the industry you will be in, estimate your market, and differentiate your business idea from competitors already out there. Verify your positioning by USP focused interviews with your customers and users.


This one-semester seminar is usually accredited for 3-4 ECTS, please check with your study advisor!

All course communication happens on Slack. Join us here.

Business Model & Business Plan


Develop your financial model based on the learnings from your interviews and educated assumptions. Wrap it all up in a business plan read deck.

Presentation Training


Prepare a really good final presentation and receive input from a professional presentation trainer as well as hands-on support by your personal coach.


for Business Plan Basic Seminar SS21 – closed

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In Cooperation with DareToStart for Indian Startups

Success of Startup Connect

„We’re building a platform for visual backend development, and during BPG we were able to turn our idea into a business, and to identify both the short-term and long-term revenue model. Through presentations, we were able to communicate the technical aspects to everyone effectively. We came out of the course with a pitch deck, a cofounder, 2 awesome mentors, and a business. Currently, we are in a pre-seed fundraising round, and became part of the Wayra community.“

Startup Connect

Questions? Answers!

Is this course open to everyone?

Yes, it is! No matter your semester or academic institution, at techTALENTS you’re very welcome.

How many ECTS do I get for this course?

The number of credits depends on your field of study. Please, check with your study advisor.

I registered for an UnternehmerTUM/techTALENTS course through the website, but the course is not appearing in TUMonline. Am I actually enrolled? Will I get ECTS?

During the exam registration period your course organizer will tell you how to register for the course „exam“ with TUMonline. Only after you register for the exam will this course appear in TUMonline. ECTS are awarded after you complete the course and grades have been submitted.

Can I attend this course every semester?

Yes, you can! We offer this course in summer and winter semesters.

Do I get MakerSpace access along with this course?

Absolutely! You get 6 months free access, and 1 free machine training, too.

Do I already have to have an idea?

Not at all! You can join someone who has an idea, and form an interdisciplinary team of 3-4 students. We’ll help with that at the beginning of the course.

Can I do this course on my own?

Nope! You need to form an interdisciplinary team of 3-4 students. We’ll help with that at the beginning of the course.

Will I learn how to write a business plan?

Yes, of course! But keep in mind that the business plan is only the last step of a long journey, and that we focus way more on hands-on and real-life experiences than theory.

Christian Orth, Digital Marketing and Format Lead BPG

Hi, I’m Christian Orth, an entrepreneur and business coach. I founded three startups in the realm of martial arts and health, with my newest business being ‚MasterArts Training‘ the first German Online Tai Chi school. As a former manager at Deutscher Herold I have a strong background in marketing and coaching. At UnternehmerTUM I am the lecturer for the Business Plan Basic Seminar and take care of digital marketing. You’re very welcome to contact me anytime.


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